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Thousands of companies have partnered with PEOs. In doing this they have discovered that partnering with a PEO gives them instant access to big company benefits, resources and expertise that are usually only available to large companies. Our goal at B.I.M. Consulting Group is to reduce your workload, improve your HR, and lower your costs.

Save Time and Reduce Your HR Workload

Tasks like processing payroll, filing state and local taxes, and managing employee benefits can be outsourced to clear your schedule from the endless paperwork.

Focus on Your Customers/Grow Your Business

Outsourcing your HR allows you to invest your time and attention on what helps your business succeed and grow. This helps you be more productive and make your company more profitable. No more sleepless nights

Reduce Costs

A small business can enjoy the same advantages as a large business for a smaller price. This is due to the economies of scale with HR outsourcing from B.I.M. Consulting Group. Lower the cost of your benefits administration and workers’ compensation insurance, and boost your bottom line.

Attract & Retain Talented Employees

Great employees are key to a great business. Outsourcing your HR services enable you to accurately offer a quality benefits package that are important to retaining your current employees. It will also help you attract talented new team members to take your business to the next level.

Reduce Risk & Liability

A number of small business owners are often stunned by the risk and liability that comes with being an employer. HR mistakes can be embarrassing, costly, and really hurt your business. Mistakes can also put you at risk for legal action. Partnering with B.I.M. Consulting Group can help you lower those risks.

Gain HR Expertise

Partnering with B.I.M. Consulting Group helps you eliminate paperwork headaches and minimize HR administrative costs. You can rest easy knowing that you have a team of committed professionals working to keep important employer services running efficiently.


Finding the time and resources to fill open positions with great employees that will make your business  a success can be overwhelming. B.I.M. Consulting Group can use our resources to help recruit top talent for you.